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Ocean Guard Maritime Logistics Ltd offers a wide range of maritime security and logistics services that set new standards in excellence and reliability. With our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, we have established ourselves as the go-to partner for all your maritime security and logistical needs.

Cargo Protection


Your cargo’s safety is our commitment. With our comprehensive tanker escort solutions, we ensure your cargo the utmost protection throughout its entire journey – from the moment it leaves the origin to its final destination. With a wide range of Flex Fighter Fast Support Intervention Vessels (Security Escort Vessels), our dedicated team safeguards your valuables on cargo vessels, at ports, and within storage facilities, delivering unparalleled peace of mind and trust in our watchful care.

Port Security


We present a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge services designed to fortify every aspect of port security. From robust access control systems that stand guard at the gateways to impenetrable perimeter security, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems that leave no blind spots, our offerings weave an ironclad shield around port facilities.

Oil and Gas Security


Embrace unwavering protection and peace of mind with our comprehensive security solutions tailored exclusively for the oil and gas industry. We are the guardians of your invaluable assets, from offshore platforms to sprawling pipelines and state-of-the-art refineries. Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your installations ensures uninterrupted operations and shields you from potential threats, empowering you to focus on what matters most – your success and prosperity. Whether it is field surveillance, assets escort, or security intelligence, you cannot go wrong with our top-notch offshore security.

Vessel Management


Experience smooth sailing with our expertly trained and dedicated team, relieving you of all the day-to-day headaches that come with managing a diverse fleet of vessels. Our competent professionals take pride in seamlessly running vessel management affairs, ensuring your peace of mind and maximizing efficiency on every journey. Our marine engineers and seasoned professional ensure your vessels are adequately maintained and in stellar condition, our admistrative team ensures efficient and appropriate crewing, and ensure they are very well taken care of and your investment yield increases.

Maritime Logistics


Embrace tranquility as we shoulder the burden of meticulous organization and flawless execution of even the most intricate operations. With our unwavering commitment, we effortlessly relieve you of all stress, allowing you to focus on what truly matters while we handle the complexities with utmost precision and care.

Whether you are in need of Crew Boats, Anchor Handling Tugs, Pipe-lay Barges, Houseboats, Sea Abulances, Waterbuses, or Survey Vessels, we are you best call.



Recruitment: Ocean Guard Maritime has a team of experienced recruiters who are dedicated to finding qualified and experienced crew members for our clients’ vessels. We have a global network of contacts, and we are always looking for new crew members.

Placement: Once we have found qualified crew members, we place them on our clients’ vessels. We take the time to match crew members with the right vessels and positions, ensuring that they are a good fit for the company and the job.

Administration: We handles all crew-related administration for our clients. This includes visa and permit processing, payroll, and insurance. We take care of all the paperwork, so our clients can focus on their business.

Training: We provides training and development for our crew members. This includes safety and security training, as well as technical training. We want our crew members to be the best they can be.

Support: Ocean Guard Maritime provides support to our crew members throughout their contracts. This includes 24/7 emergency assistance.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced crewing partner, then Ocean Guard is the right choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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